March 2021


Over the next couple of months, the RNW committee members will be delivering leaflets to those properties not currently in our scheme – to make them aware that they are not members and to invite these residents to volunteer to become a Street Co-ordinator.



The overall aim of the NW movement is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen. 

NW aims to help people protect themselves and their property, to reduce crime and the fear of crime, by means of home security and home safety awareness, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to the Police and by fostering a community spirit.


NW is not a vigilante group, we do not patrol the streets and we are not a ‘security firm’. We will inform the Police (and/or other relevant agency) of any local concerns and encourage residents to do likewise - and then let the Police etc. do their job. We will follow matters up where appropriate. We work closely with the Police, the local Councils (County, Borough and Parish) plus other support organisations. We will provide advice to residents on relevant matters (e.g. crime prevention issues) and / or will signpost to an appropriate agency / department where necessary.


To become a member of RNW and receive timely warnings / advice about crime in the village you need someone to volunteer to be a Street Co-ordinator (SC) covering your property.  The main role of a SC is to pass messages issued by RNW, or occasionally literature, to their neighbours and, usually, they cover about a dozen properties (some cover a few less and some a lot more!). Also, if you are a member of a recognised NW scheme (which RNW is) some insurance companies give a reduction on your premium.  Every little helps!



Are you the sort of person who is interested in doing your bit to keep your neighbours informed about local issues related to crime and how they can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim? We are on the lookout for more people to become Street Co-ordinators. It is not an onerous task by any means - but could reap rewards, perhaps by preventing a crime or assisting in an offender being caught.


RNW is determined to keep as many people as possible informed and not discriminate against those who are cannot, or choose not to, engage with the latest technology and / or social media outlets - it is about sharing knowledge (fact, not rumours) with the community for the benefit of all. Those residents who do not have access to technology are often the more vulnerable amongst us. However, crime can affect any of us and, I believe, there are times when we can all benefit from a reminder of what is good practice – and what is not!


There are no meetings to attend – although you will be invited (along with all members) to our AGM – which I consider to be quite a social event.  (Owing to the current pandemic, we were unable to hold one during 2020 and I really hope we get chance to hold one later this year. I look forward to meeting and chatting with those Street Co-ordinators who I haven’t seen for a long time!)


If you are interested in helping us, or would like more information, please contact us - see details below.  You don’t have to wait for a leaflet to be delivered!


CRIMES* REPORTED 13.02.21 – 14.03.21      *Acquisitive Crime + Damage

(Excludes crimes of a domestic nature, neighbour / employment disputes, non-payment of goods, e.g. shop thefts)


Time of Day





Reported at 2340 hrs


Milton Drive

Offender stole pedal cycle which had been secured with a bike lock to a wooden pillar.  (No sign of lock and no damage caused to the pillar)

12 - 14.3.21

Not Known

Criminal Damage

Gorse Hill

Offender scratched the boot of a vehicle parked on the road



With the easing of the lockdown hopefully coming soon, plus the better weather, it is quite likely that the number of cold callers will increase.  Rogue traders may call at your property uninvited and offer to do some work – often on your roof, driveway or garden.


They will often say the work is urgent (e.g. the roof will leak / damp will seep through the walls because of faulty guttering etc.) or they have a special offer on that day. They will normally ask for immediate payment. If you agree to them doing some work you may suddenly find the price has increased or they have disappeared without finishing, or even starting, the work.


They usually give fake contact details, or an untraceable mobile number, so it impossible to identify them or contact them afterwards. If you’ve paid them in advance, you won’t get your money back.


There are things you can do to protect yourself from rogue traders:


·        Remember to keep your front and back doors locked, even when you are at home.


·        Trading Standards and RNW advise to NEVER BUY GOODS OR SERVICES ON THE DOORSTEP.


·        The safest thing to do is simply not to answer the door to anyone you are not expecting. (Look through a ‘spy hole’ or window to check who the caller is).


·        However, if you do answer the door (use a door chain if you have one), and you don’t know the person, it is recommended you just sayNo, thank you’ and close and lock the door.


·        Don’t be fooled by sales talk.


·        Don’t be ‘taken in’ by fancy brochures, leaflets or websites with glowing testimonials from ‘satisfied customers’ – some dodgy companies have these too!


Please report any suspicious individuals to the Police straight away on 101 and if an uninvited caller becomes aggressive, or won’t leave, ring the Police immediately on 999.


If you want a particular service or item, shop around; ask for recommendations from friends or family.  Alternatively, use the Trading Standards Approved 'Buy With Confidence' scheme (website: or the Citizens Advice Consumer Service (tel 0808 223 1133).  Ideally, get 3 quotes.


If, even after taking all these precautions, you experience a problem with a company, you can bring the matter to the attention of Trading Standards by contacting the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on the above number or using their online form at 



Please remember to lock your doors and close your windows when you are out in the garden – it only takes an opportunist burglar a few seconds to walk / climb in, grab something and leave – and most burglars are opportunists.  You may think that you are keeping watch whilst working in the front garden, but burglars don’t always enter by the front – sometimes they enter via a neighbouring garden and access a side or rear door. 

Sue Harris

For further advice please visit our website:

To contact RNW email us at or leave a message for us on 07583 296 466